What is SEO?

We call SEO “search engine optimization”. Which works to get free, organic, editorial, or natural traffic to your website through search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). Search engines measure your website very well, and in Search Engine Optimization we help you find ways to help drive traffic to your website.

What is Keyword

One of the reasons for this is to use the right kind of words in your article. These words are called keywords. Just like your article like “How to reduce fat” and someone else wrote, “how to reduce fat”. Now if the people are doing a lot of searching then your website will show up in the google ranking even if the article with the word “fat” is written by you. It is important to choose the right keywords.

That way if your website is slow or its design is not mobile responsive then Google does not give your website a good ranking. SEO is all about search engine-friendly websites. It also refers to the fact that your website is better for the search engine as well as the logo. As we have seen in Vikasplus.

Why your website needs SEO:

Most of the web traffic to your website is from major commercial search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc. but depends. In addition, social media also works to increase traffic to your website. But search engine optimization is not the only way to get more traffic.

In addition to this, it is also true that the quality content, services, products, information on your website, and everything that you can convey to the logo should be there.

Search engines are the best way to get new traffic to your website for free. A search engine is like a listing and the listing will show up on the website of the user who is using it. If the search engine is not able to find your website, you will need to submit your website to Google, which will include your website name in its list.

Types of Search Engine Optimization

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Gray Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

In white hat SEO, you have to follow googles rules. You can get this rank quickly
and rank your article for a long time if you follow Google’s rules.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO some of the techniques and methods that google allows you to use are bad for your site to rank quickly but google can still take it down.

If you want to rank your article for a long time, don’t use it.

Gray Hat SEO

Gray hat SEO means when mixed both white hat and black hat.

Part of Search Engine Optimization

On page SEO

On-page SEO includes Website speed, Title tag, Meta description, Keyword Density, Hedden content, Image alt tag, Internal and external links, URL structure, Bold important keywords, Responsive website design, Post heading, Post length, and sitemap optimization. Whenever you write an article, first of all, its title and other keywords of that article, its meta description, meta tag, photo alt, etc. are very important. Headings are also very useful. Use h1 h2 h3 in sub to search for more content on the page, use more of the subheading of the article, google the rules to optimize your article according to the rules.

Off page SEO

When you publish your article in a proper way on-page after that you need off-page SEO of your post. For a good off-page SEO you share your article on social media backlinks become high-quality do-follow backlinks etc.

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