Website Design

Tera Zama Solutions creates responsive websites that work beautifully on all devices.

We are a professional website design agency helping businesses of all size get a far better return from online activities. We design and build stunning bespoke websites and we can help with a good range of online marketing strategies.

Tera Zama Solutions have an innovative way of working, and removing unnecessary costs. We provide affordable web design packages than our similar web design agencies. If you’re looking for top web design agency, then we’d like to hear from you.


Whilst the functionality of our packages is fixed, the planning is totally bespoke and that we don’t use templates. The website is designed by our friendly team and we offer unlimited revisions of the design until you’re happy.

All our websites are responsive (mobile friendly). Responsive websites allow a site to adapt to different screen sizes, so you’ll offer visitors the simplest possible experience.

A professional web site is important to give your customers trust. A neat website created by an experienced team should also assist with conversion. Particularly with ecommerce or lead focused websites conversion is critical as a little change can make an enormous difference. For example, a website converting at 1% that then changes to 2% is a real increase of 100%! Hopefully this shows you the importance of working with professional web designers.

Once you have a professional website you may also want to think about how you can improve your online marketing. We offer variety of various online marketing strategies which will increase the traffic to your website and if you’re curious about discussing how this might benefit your business then please get in-tuned with our team of experts.


Share your story with the planet by using your own blog. Stand out with a professionally-designed blog that matches your brand. Promote your blog and build your online presence with Tera Zama’s marketing tools.

Website Analytics

Understand your site’s performance and gain powerful insights into who’s visiting your site and how they’re interacting with your content with our in-depth website Analytics tools with Tera Zama’s expert designs.

Traffic and trends

At Tera Zama Solutions, you know where your website traffic is coming from, what your visitors are looking for, and how they’re interacting with your content or products.

Traffic overview

You can view how your site visits, unique visitors, and page views trend over time and gain valuable insight into the top traffic sources.

Google search keywords

Know what search keywords are leading visitors to your website in order that you’ll learn which products and services are in demand.

Traffic sources

Know where your site visits and sales are coming from so that you can analyze which channels are most effective for your business. Do your own research and explore specific referral links to discover which press articles and posts cause the foremost traffic and sales.

Popular content

With all the websites that we design, you’ll identify the highest performing content on your website to raised tailor your content strategy and grow your audience.

Indeed, it is interesting to know things like where in the world people visit your site the most, or from what platform people discover your site.

Commerce analytics

If you’ve got an ecommerce website, it’s important to know how your business is doing by tracking revenue, orders, units sold, and far more. Know which traffic sources and products are generating the most sales. Do research from your purchase funnel to learn how you can optimize for conversion.


At Tera Zama Solutions, we have a team of in-house experts to review your site to be sure it’s optimized for search engines.

SEO checklist

We know the way to optimize your site for search engine with the simplest practices checklist. We optimize your site for SEO and provide it the simplest possible foundation to be found in search results.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of the best free SEO Tools and we can show you how to use it. By verifying your site, you can view what keywords your customers and visitors are using to find your site.

SEO page settings

When you want your website to rank high on Google, the first step is the SEO page titles and descriptions. Make sure that you use the allowed characters and use your keywords from both tags.

Title tag and description tag are what the visitor see first from Google Search Result Pages (SERPs) when searching for a specific keyword or phrase.


Your site must have a verified sitemap so that it can be easily crawled.

Whether you’re already a Tera Zama Solutions customer or you are still deciding on a website solution, we’re here to help. Contact us and provide your information and we’ll be in touch soon to design the best website for you or business.


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