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You can now renew Psira certificates online in 2022 and thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The COVID-19 has altered global business practices. This necessitates productivity even from remote locations.  The National Lockdown impacted the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA), which forced the closure of all branches in accordance with regulations. More businesses than ever before used the bulk employee renewals procedure.  Physical contact between security officers and consultants in branches was kept to minimum because each security company sent a single representative to bring in all renewal documents for processing.

Thanks to the quickly designed system to book an appointment online at any Psira branch for any service.

The security officers used to visit Psira offices to register and renew Psira certificates and cards. But now PSiRA clients are no longer allowed to visit branches to register and renew their Psira certificates.

The Security Regulator Authority has established an online system to do everything digitally.

The purpose of this article is to empower PSiRA clients on how to use the new Online Registration System.  A step-by-step guide on how to claim your profile from the psira’s website:  

Security officers can now go to the Psira website and click on “Claim your Profile” link on the menu.  On the next screen, they can choose either claim by “Cell Number” or “ID Number”. 

Profile Claiming using Cell Number to renew Psira certificates

If, for example you want to claim your profile using your Cell Number.  Please, do not enter zero… just enter the other nine (9) remaining numbers of your cell number.  If your cell number is 078 123 4567 for example, please enter 78 123 4567. Click the SEND OTP button. If the number you have entered does not match on the system, you will receive an error message saying “Cellphone number entered could not be verified. Click Forgot Mobile Number”.

Once you click “SEND OTP”, then the OTP will be sent to your cell number. Enter the OTP as per the SMS sent. So, If you don’t receive the OTP in 30 seconds, you must click on “RESEND OTP”.  Then you will get the OTP and enter is so that you can click on VERIFY OTP.

The system will ask for security questions after this.  These questions will need you to :

  • Confirm Identification Number,
  • Confirm Date of Birth,
  • Choose Highest Grade

Then you must click the SUBMIT button.

But if you are unable to submit any of the information then the system will not validate the process.

If you have passed these security questions, then the system will let you reset the password. So, enter the new password and password must meet the minimum requirements. The system will allow you to re-enter the same password as above and click Change Password.

Profile claiming using ID Number

 So, if you prefer to claim your profile by using your ID Number, you need to enter your ID number and Click VALIDATE. Please take note of the registered mobile number if it looks familiar or not. For example “078*****67”.  So, if the number you are claiming is similar to the one you are claiming, please re-enter it.

If the number is different, then click on FORGOT MOBILE NUMBER and follow the process. Otherwise please proceed to the next screen that follows. Then click on the SEND OTP button. And an OTP code will be sent to your cell number, then, enter the OTP number. Again, if you don’t receive the OTP code in 30 seconds, please press the RESEND OTP.

On this stage, you will click on VERIFY OTP. Then the system will prompt you to change your password. You will have to enter the new password the same format that we used above.

And please remember to keep your password safe.

Forgot Mobile Number

The following method only applies if you no longer using the number you registered with.

Click on “Forgot Mobile Number?”, then Select Security Officer on Profile. Enter the new Cell Number in the same format used above 781234567(please, remember not to use 0 in the beginning) and SEND OTP. Then check the OTP to your cell number. Please, enter OTP Number and Click Verify OTP. And again, if you don’t receive OTP in 30 seconds, please press RESEND OTP. On the next screen, you will be asked to enter the following information. Incorrect information will result answering the same questions that were asked above. Please click SUBMIT you have confirmed your

  • Identification number
  • Date of Birth and,
  • Highest Grade

So, if you are unable to submit any of the information the system will not validate your process.

So, once you are Validated, you will be asked to enter new password. You will get a screen to Change Password. Enter the new password and re-enter it again before clicking CHANGE PASSWORD.


The fact is, it’s now easier to register and renew Psira certificates than ever before. The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) has now adapted to the new normal. Then companies and security officers can now fully comply and work freely without any fear.

Do you want us to help you register or renew your Psira certificate? Let us help you do everything for you and you focus on your work. Please, contact our team at +27 78 673 9530.

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