Advertising Boards use to attract customers

Advertising Boards are a cheap way of promoting a business. They are a great way of attracting attention to your business especially if you don’t have much budget.  Advert Boards are eye-catching, colorful and can draw a lot of traffic to your door steps.  And the best thing about them is that, they can be placed almost anywhere.

09 Tips on how to use Advertising Boards to effectively promote your business.

In this article, I write about different tips by which you can design your own advertising boards to draw attention to your business.

01. Keep it simple

The advertising board should be easy to read even from the distance.  The message should be clear and easy to understand with no complex words. Your sentences should be short and in point form.  Don’t use complex graphics and too much text. You can google advertising board design online if you are not sure where to start. And remember to include your location, and contact details.

02. Be Creative in your advertising boards

Adverting Boards offer an opportunity to spread the word to the masses who could be your potential clients. So, this is your chance to show them that you know your stuff by designing creative and quality boards. It could be any shape, size, and material but as long as it is creative. 

03. Use Bright Colors in advertising boards

Bright colors are more likely to catch people’s attention than dark colors. If you want your advertising boards to stand out from the rest, opt for bright colors like red, orange or yellow. You can even buy corrugated plastic advertising boards from the marketing agencies if you have a small budget.

 04. Get help from the pros.

If you are unable to design or write your own advertising boards, don’t be shy to ask for a professional help. A qualified graphic designer or a graphic design company can help you from the initial concept, to the installation stage. They can ensure that your marketing strategies have the maximum impact on your business. Search advertising board prices online and get the ones that suits your needs.

05. Choose the right location

It’s important to place your adverting boards to locations with plenty of foot traffic when deciding to go all out. Also consider intersections, in front of big shops, shopping malls, parking or stadiums. 

06. Change it up

Be flexible and experiment different shapes, designs, messages and locations. Advertising and promoting your business shouldn’t be a once off thing but a lifetime process. People don’t normally notice when they see your ads for the first time. But they start noticing that your business exists when they see it a numerous times. Changing things up from time to time will keep people interested and keep your business in their back of their minds.

07. Be prepared for bad weather  

Weather is one of the external factors that many small business owners fail to prepare for it when it comes to outdoor advertising. Bad weather is unavoidable in some cases, that’s why you need to buy material that would withstand such conditions. Extreme sun shine and heavy rains could damage your boards before time.

08. Keep your advertising boards properly

When not in use, you must keep them in a place that is not busy. Make sure to keep them away from direct sunlight and strong chemicals. You should avoid keeping them in places where they can easily get scratches. This can help you save a lot of money because you can re-use them later.  Advertising boards can be an effective tool for promoting your business when used correctly.

09. Be patient

Be patient and don’t expect to see results immediately.  Nothing happens overnight and even Rome wasn’t built in one day. Just, be consistent and keep marketing your business and the results will come.  You will eventually see a positive return of your investment.


Advertising boards are inexpensive and an effective way of promoting a small business. The best thing about it is that you can even design your own advertising boards with close to nothing in terms of budget. Promoting a business does not need any experience or design profession, so anyone can start designing marketing material without spending much.

Advertising boards are a great way to draw attention to your business and are so effective when used correctly. They are eye-catching, colorful and can be placed almost anywhere. These kinds of marketing tools can help increase traffic to your business, generate new customers and promote brand awareness.

Basic advertising boards are best for startup businesses in order for them to establish their names on the market. We have been using them since 2016 and they are working for Tera Zama Solutions. 55% of our clients know about us from our advertising signage boards and wall advertising boards in Crossroads, Marikana, Philippi, Nyanga, Delft and Gugulethu in Cape Town.

What marketing tools do you use to promote your business? Are they working for you? I would like to know about your marketing strategies that work for you. Please comment bellow.

You can contact our team if you need help for promoting your business.

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